Discover... Amy Derwanz - MMA Fighter & Coach

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Discover... Amy Derwanz - MMA Fighter & Coach

Hi Amy, it’s great to have you as the first SUPADOPE guest of the ‘Discover…’ feature. Due to your insane work ethic I just knew you was the perfect candidate to kick it off, so here’s the first question.

SD: When did you start and which martial art came first?

Amy: I started when I was 4 turning 5, I started with the traditional wado-ryu.

SD: What was it that got you interested in, and stay hooked on learning martial arts?

Amy: I started the martial arts because SpongeBob did karate, and I wanted to do the same. Over the years of learning karate, I recognised my love for fighting and got into other disciplines. The gym/dojo was my favourite place to be as a child. Fighting was never the career plan, but as my life has gone on, martial arts just became a bigger part.

SD: I think it’s fair to say that, in 2022, thanks to the UFC, ladies entertaining in the cage is respected just as much as the male categories. It hasn’t always been like that… so I’m interested in finding out whether you have experienced any diversity issues throughout the years?

Amy: Often being the only female in training I have had to deal with my fair share of diversity issues, but it doesn’t outweigh the great parts of my training and the amazing people I have trained with over the years.

SD: At 19, being highly skilled, respected and a pillar in the community due to being so accessible as a martial arts teacher… I’d like to know, what does the future hold for Amy Derwanz?

Amy: The future holds more training, coaching, fights and grappling matches. Keeping active and seeing where it takes me. Hopefully far.

SD: Just before I let you go, can you hit us with some quick answers to these questions?

Amy: Yeah of course...

SD: Sweet or savoury?

Amy: Sweet.

SD: Best time of the year?

Amy: Summer.

SD: Favourite music?

Amy: Rock.

SD: Going out or staying in?

Amy: Staying in.

SD: Thanks for your time Amy, loved it, and thank you for allowing us to take the photos and film with you. Our audience will love that when it's released.

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Amy Derwanz - MMA fighter and coach - SUPADOPE DELUXE Discover... Amy Derwanz - MMA fighter and coach - SUPADOPE DELUXE Discover... Amy Derwanz - MMA fighter and coach - SUPADOPE DELUXE Discover...